Pushing the Edges of Trust Through Acro

What happens when we come face to face with strangers and we are asked to trust them completely?  Are we willing to put our physical bodies in a vulnerable position and believe that it’s safe?  Are we willing to do it with our eyes closed?  During this four-day intensive, we will explore the themes of safety, consent, verbal and non-verbal communication, trust, and fear, all while learning the art of partner acrobatics.  Participants will get to practice basic poses and transitions, while also learning some of the more subtle nuances of acro etiquette and how to care for community through movement and touch.

When people see circus performances and acrobatics, the thing I hear most often is, “I could never do that”.  It breaks my heart a little bit each time, because I find myself wanting people to feel inspired by these artistic expressions and motivated to reach for their highest potential.  My approach to training people is to gain a clear understanding of what each person’s fitness and physical goals are, and then to take small steps towards achieving them.  It’s not an overnight process.  It takes time to assess what muscles need to be built up, and then carefully construct the framework to do that in a safe way for each individual body.  I care about the longevity of your health.  For me, it’s not about achieving the goals as fast as possible, but instead, crafting the body in such away that your goals end up falling into place.

I want to give people an opportunity to try something new, something they think they could never do, or something they’ve always wanted to try but didn’t know how to start.  I want to give people a unique workout that is fun, engaging, and allows them to move at their own pace.  I want people to be able to move in their bare feet, feeling the ground underneath them and training all those small individual muscles in their feet.  I’ve been training barefoot my whole life, and because of it, I think I have a particularly special relationship to exercise, feeling my body, and grounding myself.  I want to provide this for others, and teach them how to properly align themselves as they exercise.


Cassie has been performing and teaching a variety of acrobatic circus arts since 2007, after completing her 18-year career as a competitive gymnast. She is a passionate, spunky teacher who is known for her “tough and nurturing” teaching style. She loves to see people trying new things and pushing past the fears that limit them from reaching their full potential. She enjoys bringing community together through safe a playful movement and touch, which is why partner acrobatics is one of her favorite things to do! Cassie has traveled around the world as both a teacher and performer, sharing her love of circus arts in places like Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, as well as all over the United States. Watch out…she will try to stick a handstand on just about anything, including unsuspecting people!