Maya-Lin Green

I am an entrepreneur, red tent facilitator, ceremonialist, holistic doula, and proud, poly(ish) mama of 2 with a deep curiosity of the metaphysical world, wealth building and business development. I create spaces for women to process coming of age, menses, pregnancy release, sexuality, shame, pleasure, lineage healing, reclamation, and rebirth. This is done through a mix of ceremony, movement, and art. This work is expanding to include children, men and providing rites of passage for menarche and menopause. I was able to re-remember my tribal roots through a spirit journey in new zealand. That remembrance sparked a series of explorations and expansions into sensuality, feminine arts, courtesans, tribal medicine, shamanism, sex magic, spirituality, bdsm, naturalism, meditation, nutrition, fitness, and guiding our next generation of explorers. Three years ago I created a retreat center in Sag Harbor, NY and began teaching women’s groups. Last year the culmination of these experiences coalesced to create Wealth Building & Sacred Sensuality. I believe this work can support everyone and I am especially thinking about how it is time for more people of color to create more wealth and financial liberation for themselves, their families, and their communities. Here, I am excited to bring this work to whoever shows up to co-create this year’s community of embodied curious touch and players.

5 Stages of Wealth Building & Sacred Sensuality (Class will be two parts)

Do you envision what it would be like to make more money doing what you love without fearing you’ll become a capitalistic, greedy, asshole? What if you could stop patterns of fear and scarcity and allow your spirituality and sensuality to bring in more wealth and prosperity? Is there a link between wealth and spirituality and how can your attention to them both increase your ability to make more dollars while creating meaningful and impactful change? 5 Stages uses a mix of storytelling, ritual, movement, eroticism, and D/s power dynamics to guide you through the process of creating your unique 5 Stages of Wealth Building & Sacred Sensuality to assist you on your path of financial prosperity.

***An implosive and precocious introductory wealth course for your enjoyment, financial liberation, and spiritual development.

Over a two days we will move through 5 Stages of WBSS – You can participate in both or only one session. No need to take Part 1 before Part 2. Part 1 will cover Stages 1-3 and Part 2 will cover Stages 4-5:

Stage 1 – Identifying limiting beliefs about fear and money and learning how your beliefs are holding you back from creating the change you want today.

Stage 2 – Re-defining your definitions of money and power, learning ways to develop better habits of thought around financial literacy, money management, knowing your numbers, and giving and receiving money for services and products.

Stage 3 – Enhancing your new definition of money and power to include energy. Everything is vibration. Exploring how abundance feels and how to use that feeling to let more prosperity in.

Stage 4 – Weaving your new conceptions and beliefs about money and power into your spiritual practice. Incorporating oneness into your view of money. See that all of life is abundance.

Stage 5 – Create 5 new patterns based on your unique spiritual/sensual journey to start now that pave the way for your dreams to take root in the 3D world w/ gentle awareness of your 5D capabilities.

Each stage is explored with a mix of movement, storytelling, ritual, group art exercises, role – play, and small group (intimate) work. Everyone can participate at their comfort level. This is a safe space. Come exactly as you are – you are welcomed here.