Z Griss (Zahava) is a kinky, gender transcendent, dancer, coach and director of Do Good Things with Powera leadership immersion for dance, sexuality, and kink facilitators! Z is currently touring a solo show, Waters of the Soul, and is a contributing author in Queer Magic: Power Beyond Boundaries. Z has been dancing for 30 years and entered the kink community in 2008. Z has certifications in Urban Tantra, Yoga for Birth, Pilates, Esalen Massage, Deep Bodywork, Health Coaching, Femme, and is currently training at the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Z studied the sexual and spiritual arts of Sufi dancemeditation, Sexual Shamanism, BDSM, bioenergetics, and transformational group dynamics. Z performs and teaches at national conferences on healing racism, Black Entertainment Television, New York University, Hunter College, the International Inspiring Women’s Summit, the Kennedy Center, the NY Midwifery conference, prenatal yoga teacher training, and the Deepak Chopra Center.  Z lived in a 24/7 master slave dynamic with Orpheus Black for many sweet years. Learn more at www.EmbodyMoreLove.com.

7 Things to Share When Creating an Intimate Interaction in Community

So you have a crush… a can we dance….I mean trail my lips over you dance…. I mean I love what you shared in class and want to get to know you more dance…. I mean I’m new to exploring (insert the thing you really want to try) and I want to know if you’ll explore it with me dance. Oh yes, and we’re in a community of friends and lovers and partnerships. We’re in a tribe that’s been evolving over the years and will continue to. I don’t want to make a mess. What do I say? Sound familiar? You are not alone. This class covers 7 specific things to consider for yourself and to communicate with someone you like. This is a way to share your desires, your limits, and express your value for existing relationships. Regardless of if you chose to play together from here, simply having this conversation can create a lot of connection, compassion, and trust. You will have the opportunity to pair up and practice!

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Ritual of Grief & Eros:
Waters of the Soul

(Co-facilitated w/ Taina Lyons)

Inspired by Sobonfu Some’s grief rituals of the Dagara Tribe in Burkina Faso, we draw on the wisdom of this culture to address our shared human need to feel and transform grief, pain, disappointment and loss. We are expanding on this tradition by exploring the embodied connection between eros and grief through shaking, vocalizing, and deep release. This ritual is not just about emotional expression, it is about being a village that loves unconditionally. It is about a presence with each other that communicates “all is well.”

We recognize grief and eros as powerful ways to release what we have been resisting so we can surrender to what is true. This healing ritual increases our resilience to look, see, tell the truth, and take authentic action that restores our aliveness, our compassion, and ability to live our life’s intentions. Our time together includes learning about different forms of grief and eros, sharing what breaks our heart, and releasing the waters of the soul at the altar with music, movement, and community support through touch and witnessing. Come allow what is yearning to move through you to open you more deeply to the fullness of your life.

Note: This is a 4 hour ritual with a closed container (meaning no entering in the middle)