2018 Headliners

Bernadette Pleasant

Intoxicating and energetic, Bernadette Pleasant is a fiery sensual Speaker, Somatic Healer and Creator of Femme! (http://livefemme.com). She facilitates transformation for those who desire to live out loud through a physical, emotional and immersive journey.

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Orpheus Black

As an educator, Orpheus specializes in hierarchical dynamics, non-monogamous relationships, and erotic meditation. He has been traveling and teaching his fun and sexy educational events for more than a decade. For more information on his educational work, visit www.orpheusblack.com.

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Z Griss (Zahava) – Diversity Outreach & Support

 Z Griss (Zahava) is a kinky, gender transcendent, dancer, coach and director of Do Good Things with Power, a leadership immersion for dance, sexuality, and kink facilitators! Z is currently touring a solo show, Waters of the Soul, and is a contributing author...

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