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Zen and the Erotic Art of BDSM

Zen and the Erotic Art of BDSM is a class that applies Zen principles, practices and philosophies to not only the hegemonic aspects of our lifestyle but also offers us a deep and meaningful insight into surrender, submission and more… In this class we will discuss:

– Viewing submission as a way of life and not a series of random acts of obedience.

– Using Zen principles as a way of viewing our sexuality as an expression of our authentic self.

– How mindfulness training can become instrumental in implementing protocols and rituals.

– How instituting Buddhist principles and breathing practices can assist with processing pain.

But most of all, this class is about fostering deeper and more meaningful connections between ourselves and our partner. So bring an open mind and a full heart

Orpheus will also be offering a “Scene” demo and holding space for our evening event ‘T&P Exploratorium Play Night”

Orpheus Black

As an educator, Orpheus specializes in hierarchical dynamics, non-monogamous relationships, and erotic meditation. He has been traveling and teaching his fun and sexy educational events for more than a decade. For more information on his educational work, visit www.orpheusblack.com.

Being one of the most respected educators, interviewees, and contributors around on the topic of kink, Black lends his expertise to shows on such channels and sites as Playboy TV; Kink.com; Chocolate Radio; Playboy’s Night Calls; @Love, Sex & HipHop; Sex Nerd Sandra on the Nerdist Podcast Network; and The Inner Circle with Neil Strauss. Check out this video from PlayboyTV below: https://youtu.be/BGko4dNQg3U

Black is also a presenter at DomCon Los Angeles and is the founder of #CirqueDeSade, a high profile Dominants group. The group’s mission is to advance the art of #BDSM through a commitment to innovation, excellence, and leadership in the D/s, Ms, and fetish communities.

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