My Pelvis, Your Pelvis:
Exploring and Learning from Movement, Images, and Touch

The pelvis and its intimate geographies are not only central to our biomechanical movement capacities, they are also landscapes for the internalization and performance of cultural identity; gender, race, sexual orientation, class, and more. The pelvic region also hosts the reproductive functions through which our species conceives and procreates. It is likewise the site of our genitalia and a great amount of our sexual focus, both sensually and culturally. Energetically, the root chakra at the base of the pelvis is where we live our most fundamental relationships with life and death, our existential sense of home, and our connection with the earth and her primal energies.

It’s remarkable, considering all this, the poverty of knowledge and experience so many of us come to this region with; both in ourselves and in others.

The workshop facilitators will guide participants through a series of solo and paired movement and explorations of this sacred landscape, developing capacities for feeling, observing, describing, and communicating the complexity of experiences related to the pelvis. We will – together – map both the somatic and cultural landscapes of our pelvis in a generous and safe environment.

* Note: This class will be co-taught with Christos Galanis & Rob Kancler, expanding on a lab we recently facilitated together at the Fuerteventura CI festival. The feedback from participants was very positive, and the three of us are excited for potentially developing this work further in the Touch & Play context.

Alyssa Lynes
 (USA/Spain) was born in Boston and trained as a Jazz and contemporary dancer in Boston and New York.  Alyssa is a dancer and teacher interested in how communication and creative expression play out in partner dance forms.  She received a four year university degree (BA) in Contemporary dance and a Masters of Science in education (NYC).  Since an inspirational training with Nancy Stark Smith, Alyssa moved to Europe (2010) and explores human expression through her choreography and performance work, in co-directing the film on CI (“Five Ways In”), and in her international CI teaching (Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Israel, the US, & this year in ‘In touch’ (Goa India)).  She has been a guest teacher at the Bewegungs-art TIP School and the Stadt Theater Freiburg, Germany.

This past year she was honored to be a teacher in three CI foundation programs: in Malaga and Madrid, Spain, and in the Fortbildung CI Kompakt Training Intensive in Freiburg, Germany. She began traveling around the US and still continues to teach CI intensives and workshops around Europe. She also teaches English, offers massages, practices Nonviolent Communication, and coaches people to find more inner and outer connection and clarity. She is honored to act as an organizer for the second year of Touch and Play at Earthdance, the CI community she calls home.