Maybel Interview Video:

Belonging: Transformational Rituals in Diverse Ecosystems

Honor the power within you in this body-led outdoor pilgrimage to the kingly, grave, whimsical, dripping-with-resilience you—resilience as self-expression and self-love. To explore how we belong in this interconnected system, we’ll progress through the fields of spiritual, ancestral, collective, and individual healing, disarming dynamics that have our power in captivity, claiming it, serving it. Belonging will be our way to move forward, our pathway to expansion and possibility to shift contexts of sexuality, gender, race, victimhood, and perpetration. As our tools, we’ll summon Kinship Sciences that are born from our longings: Ecosexuality, Dance, Sensual Play, BDSM, Nudity, Cathartic Technologies, Communal Magic, Group Improvisational Scores, Cuddling, Active Witnessing and Listening, Asking Questions, Systemic Constellations. Mapping uncharted paths, we’ll gather resources from diverse support systems to transform our challenges, so that we can open our hearts to witness and be seen in the transit of our state changes. Rituals of celebration and grief will prepare us to be unoccupied, vacant, enabling us to receive grace, surfacing the innocent, mischievous, spirited one that invites the desire of surrender, giving, receiving, and love.

Maybel Ovalles

I’m a Latin-American woman, transdisciplinary artist. I worship state-changing experiences that urge me to live veraciously. Basing my work in body intelligence; I combine arts, human development practices, ancestral and systemic focus, and magic to gestate experiences that outline our impact as creators of our own lives, and to put awareness on the dynamics that binds us.

I’m designing a community project that brings together changemakers, artists, creators, and visionaries; supporting them to be the leaders of our society.

I’ve learned in classrooms of universities, institutions, schools as well as from legitimate and humble teachers who hold ancient traditions, from great experimental creators who share their inspiration with me, and from my contemporaries, who lead today social changes and create new culture in response to this world. Having lived in different countries gives me a diverse perspective of reality and too I am a self-taught person.