Poly Playground:
Contact Improvisation & Showing Up Generously

Alyssa sees CI community jams as complex and polyamorous playgrounds to learn within. We’ll look at Polyamory as a framework to explore Contact Improvisation and CI as a framework to explore Intimacy. When we are in our dances each person brings out something different in us and from us. We will explore the richness of dancing with multiple partners and what we wish to contribute. While acknowledging our individual romantic and relationship choices, how can we make use of the Jam community to best strengthen and nourish each other?

How can we seek to be curious and open to learn also from the ways we are different rather than seek for consensus? What happens when we mess up/misunderstand/cue someone unclearly? How do we hold ourselves accountable for our part in the exchange and then continue in a dialogue of forward moving in our dances?

In each session we will practice both the physics and subtle communication of CI technique in order to dance with diverse people and communicate our desires clearly. How do we remember we are always at choice and listen to ourselves intimately? What does a win/win/yes/yes lift feel like-for example? We will seek how to bring generosity and clarity to invitations or requests (physical, energetic, erotic, emotional and/or spiritual…). We will look at polyamory perspectives from Esther Perel and build skills using methods from Maria Nemeth (Academy of Coaching Excellence) that move us forward past flight, fight, or freeze responses. Using these sources and those that you all bring to the game, we will find new ways to move past the prejudices or relational stories the have previously stopped us. We will construct this jungle gym platform and then dance together and explore the creative intimate possibilities.

In this Intensive:
* You don’t need to have any specific relationship status to join this class.
* You don’t need any prior understanding of polyamory.
* If you are new to CI please attend a few CI jams or classes prior to the festival.

Alyssa Lynes
brings to this workshop her knowledge of Community development in Touch&Play (since 2012) and CI communities (since 2010), Contact Improvisation and movement pedagogy, Contemporary & partner dance forms, Nonviolent Communication, Education (MSed + bilingual education) & Mentor teaching, and her work and study of The Life Coaching Teachings of Maria Nemeth from the Academy of Coaching Excellence. She has acted on the diversity Committee at Earthdance, worked within a company called “White Folks Soul by Any Dance Necessary” that explored embodied ways to confront racism. She most recently co-facilitated the Spring Jam at Earthdance proposing the theme of ‘Difference as Resource” and is invested in conversations that challenge us to look more deeply at personal and systemic privilege and power. She loves investigating how human expression and inquiry in personal & community growth can support visions to become livable realities. She explores this in her work as a life coach, in CI jams, traveling internationally with work in performance & choreography, and in her co-directing the film on CI (“Five Ways In”). www.researchingcontactimprovisation.com She currently enjoys video interviewing people on their strategies for intimately understanding themselves and how they best communicate about them for her upcoming website: www.insightsonintimacy.com