ZigZag Peery-Wolf

༺ZigZag Peery-Wolf༻ is a ☬ pansexual ☬ dancing ☬ primal ☬ exhibitionistic ☬ autonomous ☬ intimate ☬ gender-bending ☬edge-exploring ☬ libertine who approaches sexuality and relationship and connection through the lens of an improvised dance. Ze is a organizer, educator, performer, and consent-content-creator at subversive, expressive, non-judgement, and connection-driven spaces such as Camp Contact and the Orgy Dome at Burning Man, Dark Odyssey, and here at past Touch & Plays. Through this work Ze strives to arouse in you the freedom and power of self-confident and shame-resilient erotic expression that is bolstered by centered, clear, and easeful boundaries.

Dancing The Light Of Your Sexual Darkness

A Solo Exploration of Unbounded Desires and nonjudgmental witness

How would I dance if I…
…knew that *all* of my desires would be met with compassion?
…no longer feared my sexual insecurities?
…shared my desires with no need for external validation?

Warmup in the practice of sharing desires through body and voice – find the release of expression without shame
Bathe your sexual taboos in the light and acceptance of embodiment and nonjudgmental witness.
Practice your witness in boundless compassion and non-judgement without the need to engage.

Dancing The Eros Of Shameless Kinks

An exploration D/S & Power: Impact or Receive, Push or Pull, Command or Submit

How can I…
…let go of the shame of assuming a commanding or subservient role?
…lead with power, ease, and confidence and/or serve with grace, centeredness, and attentiveness?
…striking or be struck in compassion and with presence, release, attunement, and connection?
…be in the eros of power play without losing the thread of my dance?

Warmup in meditation on your desires to serve or be served, to give or to receive.
Transform shame by naming taboos and finding eros in your kinky desires by subverting the narrative of violence
Practice exploring the possibility of common ground in kinky desires with others
Add impact and powerplay into the repertoire of somatic possibilities in contact and improvisation
Find these kinky connections in dance with yourself and/or others

7 Things to Share When Creating an Intimate Interaction in Community

So you have a crush… a can we dance….I mean trail my lips over you dance…. I mean I love what you shared in class and want to get to know you more dance…. I mean I’m new to exploring (insert the thing you really want to try) and I want to know if you’ll explore it with me dance. Oh yes, and we’re in a community of friends and lovers and partnerships. We’re in a tribe that’s been evolving over the years and will continue to. I don’t want to make a mess. What do I say? Sound familiar? You are not alone. This class covers 7 specific things to consider for yourself and to communicate with someone you like. This is a way to share your desires, your limits, and express your value for existing relationships. Regardless of if you chose to play together from here, simply having this conversation can create a lot of connection, compassion, and trust. You will have the opportunity to pair up and practice!

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