Fluid Edges

An invitation to connect to our own fluids and our capability to transform and clear out. Let’s connect to what feels pleasurable here and now through our liquid body, transgressing social and group norms and creating new cultures. We will be invited to explore a wide palette of energies from sacred to humiliation to curiosity and playfulness. An embodied reflexion on how our society relates to and deals with waist. (Bring water and a towel)


Queralt Jorba (Lina)

As a psychotherapist and coach I’m one of three partners in a holistic health practice and manage and facilitate a diverse range of artistic and social projects. My work focuses on promoting relational health promotion using somatics and creativity as main tools. My background is in the fields of Dance, Psychology, Psychotherapy, DMT, Systemic Coaching and Somatics. I feel called to honor our animal nature and include social transformation in our day to day life. I have my shared nest near Barcelona with my family, where I’m co-creating an Intentional Community. I’m the founder of the Touch&Play Sisterhood project which is an experiential feminist approach that highlights the relationship between women as a key factor to navigate life.